May 2011
New Jacobin Club

This Treason

(Somnambulist Sound System)


Theatrics in music is as old as music itself. At least when it comes to hardrock/heavy metal. Larger than life acts like early KISS or Alice Cooper would have been less interesting without the large shows/theatrics. Even though the competition was less ferocious back in the 70s you still had to stand out to be noticed. Something that is even more of a matter today with so many bands fighting for so few channels to expose their music in. Canadian New Jacobin Club has all the theatrics to be noticed by the looks of it but can they deliver the goods? Since this is my first encounter with them I have no idea what to expect from them. I have nothing to compare their progress with. I've heard them described as a cross between Judas Priest and Misfits. I hear the Misfits (Danzig-era) mostly in the vocals but also a bit in the music. The Judas Priest impression I'm not so sure about. What it made me think of instead was a less mechanized Marilyn Manson gone 80s heavy/thrash metal. I'm not usually impressed by bands that feel like they're all over the place but New Jacobin Club are the exception.

-       Anders Ekdahl