Rock Classiques (Canada)
March 2011
The New Jacobin Club

This Treason

Shock rock with a gothic flavour

Release: already available


(translated from French)

The New Jacobin Club is a Canadian shock rock collective that, like White Cowbell Okalhoma, relies heavily on visual spectacle in concert using all sorts of props that in my opinion make it more of a freakshow than anything else. They have existed for fifteen years and, though they have never caught my attention before, I really enjoyed their new disc - the fourth in their career, This Treason, which is very good and produced with great care. In this concept album that tells the story of the last days of King Edward II, one finds beautiful orchestrations and frightening theremin passages that give this disc a  very particular color. The album is accompanied by a DVD concert recorded in 2009, along with interviews and a video clip related to the concept of the disc. Described musically as a cross between Judas Priest's early 80's and more recent Misfits, they have received nods of approval from Exclaim magazine among others. It's worth a visit ...

Rating: 8.5