BC Musician (Canada) 
Sept. 2011
The New Jacobin Club – This Treason

Location – Saskatoon
Date of CD – 2010
Label - independent


or the past 17 years the New Jacobin Club have shocked audiences and built a loyal cult following as western Canada’s gothic shock band along with a live show which is reminiscent of Skinny Puppy crossed with the Jim Rose Circus. This album comes with a CD and  the DVD “Inside the Cannibal Circus” which was filmed at a live performance in 2009. This latest effort is a morality play set to music tracing the relationship of Sir Hugh le Despenser the Younger who became royal chamberlain to King Edward II. For the uninitiated this album and DVD are intriguing and are worthy of a listen, if only to fuel your desire to see their amazing live show which may change the way you see music forever. If you are already a fan this will only serve as a compelling tool to recruit new fans to their growing following.