RockoverAmerica (USA)

April 2011

The New Jacobin Club - This Treason

Sam Smith


Formed in 1995, The New Jacobin Club is made up of Horde on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Swarm on lead vocals, backing vocals, and bass, Fury on lead guitar and backing vocals, Brother Vitruvius on synth, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals, and Rat King on drums. Sometimes, the men of NJC employ the help of Luminous on electric cello and Poison Candy on theremin.

  The band is joined on stage by sometimes 4 members of The Angry Teeth, sideshow performers who go by the names of Rima the Bird Girl, Firecrotch Jones, Poon Puncher, and Raunchy RayBees. Rima the Bird GIrl and Firecrotch Jones both sing back up vocals for the band, and the 4 women together make up the stage show that sets the tone for NJC's shocking rock sound.

  NJC has released 4 albums and 2 EP albums, the latest being This Treason, which came out in 2010. It features a 10 track CD and some DVD content, including a concept video, concert footage, interviews, and backstage footage.  ‘This Treason’ is a concept album, telling the story of Queen Isabella of France and Sir Hugh Despenser, each song telling the tale of one of the people involved in the invasion this album was based off of.

  The CD begins with title track, “This Treason”, which sort of floats into a fast paced song full of interesting components and definite punk and metal influences. The vocals hit me hard, they were harsh and slightly unforgiving, and fit the instrumental facets of the song very well. The chorus of “This Treason” was incredibly catchy, I found myself singing along at my computer. The CD went along in much of the same way, apart from a few strategically placed softer acoustic parts of the CD, which I liked.

  Sometimes in such a large band, it's hard for each member to retain their sound without getting lost in some catastrophic jumble of noise, but NJC did very well on ‘This Treason’ to avoid such a fate. Each instrument and voice stood out on its own, and came together in a very interesting and vibrant sound.