NEW JACOBIN CLUB - "This Treason"


     Hailing from the city of Saskatoon, Western Canada, the New Jacobin Club is a Gothic-Rock band that is frequently accompanied live by a group of performance artists known as the Angry Teeth Freakshow (who bring to the show an array of disturbing visual effects including stunts with broken glass, machetes, syringes, staple guns, torches, and the flaming hula hoop). New Jacobin Club was formed in 1995 by front-man Xerxes Praetorius Horde (a.k.a. “The Horde”), and since then has gained fans in Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe. New Jacobin Club has already shared stage with international acts such as “KMFDM”, “Nashville Pussy”, “Groovie Ghoulies”, “Voltaire” and “Discover Channel’s Guinea Pig Show”. Their discography includes the EP “A Lesson in Mortality” (1999, Transparent Records), the albums “New Jacobin Club” (2001); “Retake the Throne” (2003) (both by Manticore Music Group); and “Wicked City” (2006, Somnambulist Sound System/Scratch records); and the EP “The Final Entertainment Show” (2008, featuring covers of 80’s New-Wave and Industrial bands). The music of the New Jacobin Club is a blend of Classic Gothic Rock, Gothic Punk, Heavy Metal of the 80’s, and 70’s Rock, with a pinch of Blues, Somber Folk, and Industrial Music, mostly inspired on vintage horror movies, Renaissance & Victorian clothing, sideshow & burlesque, magic & illusions, edged weapons, and the hospital emergency ward. The influences come from bands like “The Damned”, “Christian Death”, “Killing Joke”, “Danzig”, “Iron Maiden”, “45 Grave”, “The Birthday Party”, “Type O Negative”, “Leonard Cohen”, “Misfits”, “Dr. Mastermind”, “Kiss”, “Nine Inch Nails”, and “New Model Army”. All is delivered with a provocative and controversial theatrical attitude that combines a sarcastic sense of humor with raw-meaty Heavy-Rock music. NJC’s last release is the Double disc CD/DVD “This Treason” (2010, Somnambulist Sound System/Scratch records). “This Treason” is a concept album set in the final days of the reign of “King Edward II”. The DVD, called "Inside the Cannibal Circus", features a concept video and a complete 2009 concert, plus documentary interviews and bonus footage covering 10 years of the band’s career. “This Treason” features 10 tracks full of surprises which spill out some of the most energized Gothic-Metal-Punk-Rock that will drag any listener to this band like a magnet.

    The title-track “This Treason” (5:00) opens the album with a bizarre musical mix that includes Symphonic Gothic-Punk, Metal guitar solos, and Progressive synths! It is followed by the tormented “Private Hell” (4:10), which has influences of “Type O Negative” and “Danzig” on vocals and riffs driven by cellos, pinpointed by heavy bass and guitars that recall the NWOBHM stylistics of “Iron Maiden”. Yet, the Gothic-Rock “Countess Scorned” (4:50) surpasses the standards by blending organs and heavy-metal guitars with wild guitar solos. Another great tracks are the cadenced “Breath Like Wine” (3:35), a kind of Gothic-NWOBHM song; and the dark Bolero-Metal “Like Dogs” (5:23) - with influences of “Misfits”, “Danzig”, and “Kiss”, and having a psychotic solo of Theremin. But New Jacobin Club’s most aggressive tones are heard on the crude “The Fall” (6:15) – a Thrash-Metal recalling “Exodus” and “Exhumer” that breaks to a Gothic Doom-Metal with invocations in Latin (recalling “Saint Vitus”), all stuffed with harmony guitars like “Satan” and “Dr. Mastermind”. The climax of this album is reached on “Kronos Devours His Children” (3:05) – an awesome instrumental track that combines tribal drumming, crazy guitars and Theremins – and on the epic “All Mourning Long” (13:36) – a slow and dark Heavy-Metal melted into a dense Gothic-Rock mold, with raging vocals leading it to the desperate & cathartic very end. The album ends with “The Bishop and the Executioner” (8:03), a story-telling Horror-Rock driven by theatrical vocals; and “Penance at the End of Days” (4:43) – a Gothic-Rock & Traditional Metal with the flavor of the 80’s. The CD still has an “Untitled Track” that hides within an electronic Vampire song. Although being neither a Progressive act, nor a standard Prog-Metal band, the New Jacobin Club really surprise the listeners with their unique and brilliant way of crossing the boundaries of different musical genres, producing original and alluring music capable of conquering large audiences. The New Jacobin Club is highly recommended for fans of Gothic-Metal-Punk-Rock, Horror-Rock, and fans of “The Damned”, “Christian Death”, “Killing Joke”, “Danzig”, “Type O Negative”, “Iron Maiden”, “45 Grave”, “The Birthday Party”, “Misfits”, “Kiss”, “Ozzy Osbourne”, “Dr. Mastermind”, “Nine Inch Nails”, “New Model Army”, “Alice Cooper”, and so on.

    Band members and collaborators involved in the New Jacobin Club are: The Horde - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; The Rage - Lead Guitar; The Swarm – Bass; Vitruvius - Keyboards; Poison Candy - Theremin; The Luminous - Cello; The Rat King - Drums. Stage Theatrics by The Angry Teeth Freakshow: Rima the Birdgirl, Firecrotch Jones, Raunchy Raybees, Poon Puncher; Mistress Nagini, & Misere. Recorded Dec 2009-July 2010 at Nascency Studios. Engineered & Mixed by Devin Martyniuk; Mastered by Kelly Rudoski; Produced by D. Martyniuk & Mike Murza. Artwork & Design by Cate Francis. Extra Programming & Sequencing by Jeff Drankev. "Inside the Cannibal Circus" DVD content: “This Treason” concept video; "Live at the World Famous Amigos Cantina" (2009); additional live footage - 2010, 2008, 1999 photo & poster archive slide show 1996-2010...   (Comments by Marcelo Trotta)