This Treason/Inside the Cannibal Circus (2010 CD/DVD set & digital labum)
Somnambulist Sound System/Scratch Records
track listing (This Treason cd):
1. This Treason
2. Private Hell
3. Countess Scorned
4. Breath Like Wine
5. Like Dogs
6. The Fall
7. Kronos Devours His Children
8. All Mourning Long
9. The Bishop and the Executioner
10. Penance at the End of Days
11. Go and Live or Stay and Die (unlisted cd only bonus track)

promo video: This Treason
A 10 song rock opera deatailing the life and death of controversial medieval villain Sir Hugh Despenser the Younger who was tried for treason during the reign of King Edward II and put to death. Each song is a solo piece sung by a different character in the story and is meant as a collective flashback as the album opens with Sir Hugh's public execution and closes with his slain enemies confronting him after death.

The dvd companion "Inside the Cannibal Circus" contains the concept video for the title track plus a  near complete concert from 2009's "Cannibal Circus Roadshow" tour. The concert video is assembled from multiple camera angles and edited together with mobile multitrack studio recorded audio. The concert is broken up with documentary style backstage interviews, interjections and observations made by the band and theatrical entourage. In addition, lower quality "bootleg style" footage from two other concerts (1999 and 2010) is included as well as a memorabilia gallery of rare posters, photos and artwork circa 1995-2010. 

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"This Treason" cd, "Inside the Cannibal Circus" dvd plus digital download are also included in the NJC Mega Box Set!