SEX, DEATH & ROCK 'N ROLL - LIVE IN NORTH BATTLEFORD 1998 (full length cassette, 1998)

Recorded live at the North Battleford Agriplex in the second half of 1998 and released shortly after to relieve the long wait for the NJC's first official release on Transparent Records ("A Lesson in Mortality") which was delayed until sometime in 1999. It was printed twice (1998 and again in 2000) and had 2 different sleeve designs, one an abstract bloody looking live photograph, the other a red coloured version of the artwork from "Welcome to the Pleasure Pit"

This live set is complete and contains live versions all of the tracks that were subsequently released on the band's debut 7" ep as well as the opening instrumental "Kronos Devours His Children" which was finally recorded in the studio in 2010 for "This Treason" 

(original track listing on cassette j-card used Greek characters to disguise the names of the songs)

side A
1. Kronos Devours His Children
2. Demon Princess
3. Miss Margarida
4. The Filthy & the Righteous
5. Moondrunk

Side B
1. Hyperion
2. Beltane Fire
3. Soul Eater
4. Horror Business (Misfits)